4 Corner Ride for Fun

Many of our members are riding to all four corners of North Carolina for fun and adventure. Tee shirts and pins have made to show that you completed the corners. A detailed manual has also been made to show you how to get to each corner, and it is also full of other great facts and information for each trip.

North Carolina 4 Corners Tour

The tour is designed as an open-ended, photo-verification ride with a completion pin that is both beautiful and rare. Providing an excuse to ride over some of the most scenic byways in the Eastern United States, this tour offers levels of challenge and opportunity that can largely be determined by each participant. However, the one constant factor--total mileage over 1,400--should guarantee that tour finishers will be members of an exclusive club.

Key Elements of the North Carolina 4 Corners Tour


To receive a registration tour packet please contact us at:  NCKnobbies@gmail.com


The tour time-frame is open-ended. You and your friends may use the destinations to complete a weekend Iron Butt run, or fit the visits into vacations and club rides over the course of the year. After the initial registration, send the verification photos to:

KMMC NC 4 Corners Challenge

c/o Marla McRary

2156 Williams Wood Drive

Morganton, NC 28655

Verification Photos

In order to receive credit you must take photos of your motorcycle at each specified location. You can submit your photos any time within one year after registration to receive your pin.


The tour is $10.00 per rider and $10.00 per co-rider. If you have friends accompanying you on the tour who have not registered, have them send $10.00 per person for a registration tour packet to the address above. Tee shirts will also be available for purchase.


You will determine the route taken to each destination. Only the final few miles leading to each corner is pre-determined. These byways are paved secondary roads that should be suitable for all types of bikes. Details are included in the tour packet.


Neither the Knob Mountain Motorcycle Chapter, nor any members, are responsible or liable for any mishap that occurs on this tour. Details are included in the tour packet.


You must take a picture of your bike at every location to qualify. Details are included in the tour packet.

4 Corners